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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

All plans include automatic backups sent to two different geographical locations for minimum disaster relief recovery time.

Yes. We can use a domain you provide, in which case, the registrant (or proxy) needs to change the DNS records to point to the correct server.

We can also purchase a domain name for you, usually included in your hosting plan.* Tell us what your business or organization is about and send us your favorite 3 choices for a domain name and we’ll search for one that is right for you.

*Premium domain names excluded.

Yes. We regularly update themes, plugins, and WordPress on websites in all plans except the Pine plan.

We take security very seriously. We partner with the safest datacenters available, and use numerous methods to regularly scan and protect your website.

Contact us for more information.

On request, we will connect Google Analytics to your website to track the progress of marketing efforts.

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