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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is different, like buying a home. You can live in a tent or a mansion, but the cost will vary dramatically. We evaluate your website or print needs and believe we can provide the greatest value for your budget. Contact us with your goals and budget and we’ll give you the best value for your money!

Again, this depends on the requirements of each individual project. Many sites can be built within 4-6 weeks. Print jobs can usually be done in days. If you need it sooner, let us know! We’ll do whatever we can to meet your print or web requirements.

Yes! Of course! We are happy to use your domain, or we can research available domains that work for you.

Backups are a necessity in case of disaster, or to reverse an action with unexpected consequences. We provide automatic and comprehensive backups to multiple physical locations for ultimate protection and the quickest disaster recovery.

We take security very seriously. We’ve even given talks on the subject at WordPress events. We partner with the safest datacenters available, and use numerous methods to regularly scan and protect your website.

Contact us for more information.

Yes, you can choose a plan where your WordPress website is actively updated and managed by us, so you can concentrate on content and your business and rest assured that your site is running the latest versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins.

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